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2011-2012 Presentations

Judi Ellis, Dollar Bank, December presentation 'Regulatory Compliance and You'

Dave Ries, of Thorp Reed & Armstrong, March presentation 'Information Security Law Update 2012'.

Brandon Kinght, of SecureState' April presentation 'Attacking and Defending Apple iOS Devices in the Enterprise'

2010-2011 Presentations

Dan Molina, of Kaspersky, September presentation 'Seven Things Your IT Department is Doing to Enable Cybercrime'.

Anthony Vicinelly, of Application Security Inc., October presentation 'Anatomy of a Data Base Attack'.

Jason Hong, Wombat Security, February presentation 'Teaching Johnny Not to Fall for Phish'.

Dave Ries, of Thorp Reed & Armstrong, March presentation 'Information Security Law Update 2011'.

2009-2010 Presentations

Gary Mullen, of Kaspersky, February presentation 'Scareware'.

Dave Ries's March meeting presentation 'Information Security LawUpdate 2010'.

Matt Neely, of SecureState, May meeting presentation on 'Using Free Tools to Test Web Applications'.

2008-2009 Presentations

Dave Ries's March meeting presentation 'Current Issues in Information Security Law'.

Ryan Olson's April meeting presention 'Current Trends and Future Cyber Security Disruptors

Matt Neeley's May meeting presentation 'Assessing Wireless Security Using Open Source Tools'

2007-2008 Presentations

September's presentation by Robert Perciaccante, of Cisco "The Evolution of Defense in Depth".

October's presentation by Terence Spies, of Voltage Security Inc. "Encryption and Key Management - falling through the cracks".

January's presentation by Sasha Romanosky "Do Data Breach Disclosure Laws Reduce Identity Theft?"

2006-2007 Presentations

April's presenation by S.S.A. Bill Shore on 'Handling of Digital Evidence'.

March's presentation by David Ries Esq., of Thorp Reed and Armstron, LLP on Security Breaches and Security Law

January's presentation by Sasha Romanosky on 'Managing and Auditing IT Vulnerabilities'.

November's presentation by Steve Moscarelli and Asim Ahmed, of PortAuthority Technologies on Information Leak Prevention

October's presentation by Paul Green, of G2, on Security Automation.

September's presentation by Buck Watia, of VeriSign, on "Recent Security Trends and Mitigation Tactics in Today’s Vulnerability and Threat Environment "


2005-2006 Presentations

April's presentation by Chris Ries, of VigilantMinds, on Windows Rootkits.

March's presentation by Carl Herberger, of SunGard Security, on 'Turning Your Information Security Program into a Competitive Advantage'.

Feburary's meeting meeting Sasha Romanosky's presentation on 'Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS)'. To get a copy of the CVSS blank score card .

October's meeting Matt Tolbert's, of the University of Pittsburgh, PowerPoint presentation on Intrusion Detection and Incident Response in a Large IT Environment

The results of the 2005 Member Survey Results